1. Blood Glucose Meter

A device that accurately measures blood glucose levels to help manage both type 1 & type 2 diabetes effectively. The recommended level ranges between 4-10 mmol/l (millimoles per litre) depending on your personal circumstances.

2. Lancing Device (the finger pricker!)

Efficiently pricks your finger to draw blood so that you can read your levels of glucose easily.

3. Test Strips

Slots into the blood glucose meter for an accurate reading. (After drawing blood with the lancing device, you deposit a droplet onto the test strip).

4. Notepad & Pen

Something to note down your glucose results to manage your diabetes more consistently.

5. Replacement Needles for the Lancing Device and Insulin Pen

To obtain the most accurate readings, all needles are single-use to avoid any contamination, this also helps to decrease any discomfort to the user.

6. Glucose Tablets

Used to treat hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). Symptoms can include: shakiness, dizziness, feeling sleepy, confused, anxious, sad or angry.

7. Insulin Pen

Used to inject insulin, they are predominantly used by people with type 1 diabetes as an integral part of their diabetes management plan.

8. Medical Tags

Essential in emergency situations as it offers support for when you may not be able to effectively communicate. Medical ID should be worn at all times around the neck or wrist, as this is where emergency responders are trained to look.