We are in the era of change – and nothing more symbolises that than the digital revolution that is upon us. In the world of diabetes, this has opened up a whole new world. The possibilities are indeed endless, and the innovators or entrepreneurs are approaching this head on.

In decline are the days when hierarchy ruled the roost and the patient was subject to the whims of a system- though admittedly there is still a fair bit to go! Now, instead, the digital generation is attempting to take control of their diabetes. Downloadable devices, smart technology and so-called wearables are all around us – and the bastions of bureaucracy are struggling to keep the ever increasing thirst for knowledge, access and self-management at bay. At the same time we have smart monitors, contact lenses that purport to read blood glucose, readings downloaded at home for both patients and professionals to review, use of Skype to communicate, apps to review glucose profiles, meters which suggest areas of intervention. In short: Digital innovation is truly here.

As a professional, this excites me immensely. Innovation is key to engagement and to improved care. Treatment works best when the patient feels empowered, and digital technology moves us one step closer to patients taking ownership of their own pathology – with the professionals there as guides at best. And that can only be a good thing!