“Since being on the plan, I have gone from a size 34/36 to a size 24, and I just feel so much better in general. I have come off insulin completely, which means no more injecting five times a day. My blood pressure and cholesterol are good and the doctors are saying that at some point they may well take me off the medication for blood pressure and cholesterol.

“I can get from the bottom of the stairs to the top now without stopping, like a normal person."

"I do still rely on a wheelchair for long distances, but it’s a lot smaller and lighter than the one I had to have before. In fact, my hubby has almost tipped me out of my chair a few times because when I was at my heaviest he would be leaning almost horizontal to push me and now he’ll forget I am lighter and still use the force he had to before! Also, I’m walking more now. I can walk in short distances, and my breathing problems have improved a lot as the weight has come off – I’m not puffing like I used to.


Staying motivated


“My life has changed so much for the better over the past year and that in itself is a huge motivation for me. When I was diagnosed with sclerosis of the liver, I sort of stepped away, disconnected from my life and was almost waiting to die. I had given up on life. The reason I started this diet was to try and change my life, to do things for myself, to have a longer life because I was on a downwards slope.

“I was almost waiting to die. I had given up on life”

“I did get my act together and I’m getting healthier all the time, it’s just amazing! Although the diabetes and the liver sclerosis will never go, I’m working hard to get things as good as they can be.

"The liver sclerosis happened because of being so overweight and because of the diabetes; taking medication long-term for psoriasis had taken its toll as well. But thanks to the weight loss, my liver is now holding its own. So I can look forward to having a longer life, and spending more time with my family and friends.


"It is affordable – you just don’t fill your trolley with junk food when you’re going round the supermarket."


Affordable and supportive


“I like the Slim & Save plan because it works! It’s a meal replacement plan, and the products are just so nice that it does work. I even miss them when I don’t have them. It’s changed my life completely for the better.

"Some people commented on the cost of the plan, saying I couldn’t afford that kind of outlay every month. But my view is that it’s my health at stake, so I can’t afford not to, and I’d spend more money on sweets and crisps and other stuff my body doesn’t need than I do on the plan. My husband’s really good at telling me I don’t need the wrong kind of food, and not backing down, which is just what I need.

"It is affordable – you just don’t fill your trolley with junk food when you’re going round the supermarket."

“My family have been really supportive, although my parents often ask if I want something to eat and when I say no, mum will say, ‘Surely you can have something little, it won't make any difference’. So I have to explain that having something little will make a huge difference to my plan, both in weight and in my brain, because one thing leads to another.

“And the Slim & Save plan includes the most amazing support team. They are second to none, they’re always there even if it’s the evening and you’re having a panic because you’re wanting to eat something you know you shouldn’t. It’s perfect! The Slim & Save Official Facebook group too; everyone is so kind. It amazes me that even though they are on their own journeys and have their own issues, they take time to leave messages of support. I don't know if I would have got this far without all the support and advice. Seeing how well someone else is doing is a real inspiration too.


“I’m looking forward to buying clothes at more of the popular, cheaper high-street chains."


Fashion choices


“My clothes are so big now that I am constantly pulling them up! My main goal, when I started this journey, was to live longer and I am going in the right direction. The next goal was to be able to buy clothes in ordinary shops and I’m getting there too. My hubby’s a huge help: when we’re looking at clothes, he’ll remind me I’m not that size any more, and persuade me to go for smaller. “I’m looking forward to buying clothes at more of the popular, cheaper high-street chains. I can already buy at a couple of them, which is so good, it just opens up more choices from the days when there were very limited options for plus sizes.

“My life has changed completely and I’m not going back to where I was a year ago.” 

“I have had a blip recently, but I got my mojo back again and lost all the weight I’d gained, so I’m back on track now. I want to lose another 8st and with Slim & Save I know I will do it. It will take time and no doubt there will be more slips, but that's OK. I’ve found that the trick is to be honest to yourself and those around you – if you have a wobble, don't hide it, and get back on plan as fast as you can. I knew when I started that it was going to be a long road and that there will be bumps along the way. It is hard, but I’ve learned to forgive myself when I mess up and to draw a line under it and get straight back on plan.

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Slim & Save is not suitable for people who suffer from Diabetes type 1. Our diet plans can only be followed by people who suffer from diabetes type 2, and under regular check ups from their doctor.

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